Press Release: July 9, 2009

Molecular LogiX awarded patent for novel targeted therapeutic aimed at all HER positive cancers.

The Woodlands, Texas.  July 9, 2009 – Molecular LogiX, a life science company developing first-in-class targeted oncology therapeutics, today announced that it was awarded Patent No. 7,557,181 by the United States Patent Office for their targeted therapeutic, MLX-052001, a Pan-HER antagonist developed for the treatment of HER positive cancers.  MLX-052001 was developed using Molecular LogiX’s proprietary DNL Drug Discover Platform and represents a significant therapeutic breakthrough for the treatment of HER positive cancers. Unlike current therapies, which predominantly target HER2, MLX-052001 has specific and potent activity against all the HER receptors including EGFR and HER3; thereby providing treatment options for a broader range of HER positive cancers, reducing the incidence of developing drug resistance and providing therapeutic options for patients who have become resistant to the current HER-targeting therapeutics.  Dysfunction of the HER axis has been implicated in the progression of many forms of cancer and the current annual market for HER-targeting drugs exceeds $9 billion.

“MLX-052001 represents an important break from the monoclonal antibody and kinase inhibitor approaches to interfering with cellular receptors implicated in the progression of cancer and other diseases” said Molecular LogiX president, Daniel J. Monticello, Ph.D. “It is our lead compound in a pipeline of new drug candidates we are creating using our proprietary DNL Drug Discovery System”.

Dominant Negative Ligands (DNL) are the protein equivalents of highly successful small molecule cancer drugs such as Tamoxifen®.  DNLs work by specifically blocking specific cellular receptors that are critical in the progression of cancer.  Molecular LogiX’ pipeline of DNL therapeutics also includes an Insulin-like Growth Factor I Receptor antagonist for the treatment of solid tumors cancers, such as breast, prostate and lung cancer and a HER3 specific antagonist, for the treatment of breast and ovarian cancer.

About Molecular LogiX: MLX is an early stage biotechnology company that uses its protein engineering and optimization expertise to generate new drug leads based on changing and optimizing the properties of well established human growth factors.  The Company has extensive IP coverage on specific compounds and on the DNL Drug Discovery System for producing new therapeutic agents.

For more information, contact:

Daniel J. Monticello, Ph.D.

281 543 8111